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Medical Massage

We are more than just a physiotherapy clinic.

Medical Massage is the application of rubbing and kneading to the body using professionals.

During a massage, a trained massage therapist will apply light or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to reduce pain and tension. Contact us to learn about different types of massages and which type may be suitable for you.

What is Medical Massage?

Medical Massage is the mechanical and neural stimulation of muscles, skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, internal organs, metabolism, circulation, and lymphatic systems for therapeutic purposes. It addresses common complaints such as muscle pain, spasms, and stiffness in areas like the head, neck, back, shoulders, and feet, which are often recurring issues for desk workers. Medical Massage aims to increase regional blood circulation, dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow to tissues, relieve pain, reduce swelling in specific areas, relax muscles, and accelerate healing from injuries, strains, and sprains. It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety.


  • Exercise is our most natural pain reliever.
  • The absence of exercise in our lives increases the risk of chronic diseases and shortens life expectancy.
  • Myofascial pain is a type of pain that is poorly localized in muscles and joints. Several factors such as poor posture, muscle spasms, trigger points, stress, and deficiencies in calcium, potassium, or iron can trigger this type of pain. Medical Massage can significantly reduce myofascial pain, leading to notable improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What İs Medical Massage? How İs İt Done?

Medical massage is a manual therapy procedure performed by considering the anatomy of the muscles, done along the muscle’s extension. It involves loosening the muscles and mobilizing the vertebrae. Additionally, it supports circulation by stimulating the body’s lymphatic system, aiding in the drainage of lymph fluid.


Medical massage can be applied with various oils or creams. If there is pain in certain areas, pain-relieving creams can be used. Upon the patient’s request, it can also be performed using pleasantly scented essential oils or herbal oils.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Massage?

Medical massage helps muscles to recover and assists in the elimination of accumulated toxic substances. It also has a positive effect on strengthening bones and is effective in treating osteoarthritis, as well as preventing spasms and cramps. Regular medical massage increases the number of white blood cells known as leukocytes in the blood, enhancing the immune system. It also aids in preventing blood stagnation in veins and helps in the elimination of edema in the body.

Who İs Eligible For Medical Massage? Who Should Avoid It?

Medical massage is not recommended for individuals with muscle injuries or existing fractures. It is also not advised for individuals with infections or skin diseases. Due to the risk of metastasis, medical massage is not recommended for cancer patients. However, it can be applied to all other individuals.

What Are The Types Of Medical Massage?

Classic oil-based medical massage


Friction massage

Couple’s massage

How İs The Treatment Process?

Usually, 1 or 2 sessions per week, totaling 6-8 sessions, are recommended. For healthy individuals looking to maintain their well-being, it is beneficial to have chiropractic treatment every 2 months.

Medical Massage Prices?

For current prices and information about medical massage, please contact us.

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